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       Graduated from New York University with a Bachelor of Arts degree in Psychology and Philosophy, and a minor in Sociology.

       Graduated from Antioch University Los Angeles in 1990 with Masters Degree in Clinical Psychology (with an emphasis on marriage and family therapy.)

        Received a Certificate in "Psychoanalytic Psychotherapy" from the Los Angeles Institute and Society for Psychoanalytic Studies, May 1999.

        Certified as a Pre and Post Test HIV/AIDS Counselor, June 1990

        Certified as an Instructor in "Systematic Training for Effective Parenting" (STEP,) March 1991  

        Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist: June, 1994

From 1990-1993: Worked at Valley Community Clinic in North Hollywood, CA as an Intern-Therapist in the Counseling Department, as Assistant Director of the HIV Early Intervention Program, as Facilitator of an Education/Support Group for newly diagnosed HIV patients, and as an instructor of "STEP" Parenting Classes.

From 1991-1999: Worked at Ventura County Public Health HIV/AIDS Center in Ventura, California. Lead psychotherapist with patients, partners, families. Facilitated support groups for men/women living with HIV/AIDS. Taught at CSUN and various clinics: "Clinical Assessment and Treatment of Persons Infected and Affected by HIV/AIDS".  

Taught "STEP" to MFTs and LCSWs and other graduate students at CSUN, San Fernando Valley Counseling Center and Valley Women's Center.

From 1995-2007: President, Newsletter Editor and Membership Chair at the Group Psychotherapy Association of Southern California. Clinical Supervisor of interns privately and for Valley Community Clinic.

Presently: Private practice as a Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist; teach "STEP" classes and facilitate parenting support groups.